Digital Tools and Uses - Congress
The first international Digital Tools & Uses Congress is a multidisciplinary conference devoted to study the uses and development of digital tools. It aims at assembling five interrelated symposia: 1) Web Studies, 2) Challenges of IoT, 3) Recommender systems, 4) Archives and social networks, and 5) Digital Frontiers. The intention of this consortium is to approach a common object of study from different perspectives in order to enrich the discussion and collaboration between participants.
When: -
Where: Université Paris 8 - Vincennes-Saint-Denis
2, rue de la Liberté

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IT African University Network

IT African University Network #ITAUN is a platform for deployment, contacts, networking, training, research for excellence and openness to the professional world (Tunisia, Africa, Developed Countries). This first edition of the African Network of Universities in the IT field called "IT African University Network" is a village intended to group together establishments operating in the IT field in Tunisia, Africa as well as developed countries with three main components: Manual line feed
- Manual return line exhibition
- Manual return line conference
- Competition.

Université Paris Lumière

Université Paris Lumières is an association of universities and higher education institutions (ComUE). Along with its core-members, the CNRS and the two founding Universities Paris 8 and Paris 10 it currently regroups thirteen other associates as well as eight cultural and heritage institutions and museums : the Archives nationales, the Bibliothèque nationale de France, the CEDIAS-Musée social, the Centre national d’art et de culture Georges-Pompidou, the Institut national de l’audiovisuel (Ina), the Maison des Cultures du Monde, the Musée de l’Histoire de l’immigration, the Musée du Quai Branly and the Pôle Sup’93, all of which makes the UPL stand out among local and national institutions. The UPL integrates itself into a large and important area characterized by density and diversity. This area forms an arc around the North of Paris.

Université Paris 8

Founded as an experimental academic centre in Vincennes in 1969, Université Paris 8 moved to Saint-Denis in 1980. The university has become a major teaching and research centre for humanities in the Île-de-France region and became a pioneer in fields that were usually not approached by other French universities : digital art, hypermedia, psychoanalysis, urban planning, geopolitics, cinema, plastic arts, gender studies, semiotics, etc.

Université Cergy-Pontoise

UCP is a cultural, scientific and vocational institution whose faculties include major disciplines such as law, economics and management, international studies and modern languages, humanities, science and technology, and science of education.

MSH Paris Nord

Founded in Saint-Denis in 2001, the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme Paris Nord, a research unit supported by the CNRS and the Paris 8 and Paris 13 Universities (USR 3258), is a welcoming structure for the impetus, promotion and dissemination of research in humanities and social sciences.

Archives Nationales

The Archives Nationales was created by decree of the National Constituent Assembly in 1790. It has three sites (in Paris, Pierrefitte-sur-Seine, and Fontainebleau) whose role is to collect, preserve, and provide access to documents produced by the central administrations of State since the 7th century.

Université Paris Saclay

19 diverse but complementary institutions make up Université Paris-Saclay: 3 universities, 9 prestigious university-level colleges and 7 research organizations. Université Paris-Saclay represents 10 000 researchers, 5 500 phd students, 300 laboratories and 65 000 students.

Université de la Manouba

Manouba University is a public university in Manouba, Tunisia. It was officially born in 2000. Created around the Faculty of Literature, Arts and Humanities, the University has a large campus and in 2012 a total of 20,000 students, 1608 teachers researchers and 530 agents and administrative staff.


The Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (Cnam) is a public institution of the French government, in the scientific, cultural and professional fields, with the status of "Grand Etablissement" (elite school). Under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education, it has 3 missions: Lifelong learning, Technological research and innovation, and Dissemination of scientific and technical culture.

IED Paris 8

The Institut d’Enseignement à Distance (IED) of the University Paris 8 makes it possible to follow a university education in a way compatible with the pursuit of a professional activity or any other form of constraint that could prevent from attending traditional classroom education.

Università di Torino

The University of Turin is one of the most ancient and prestigious Italian Universities.
It is today one of the largest Italian Universities, open to international research and training. It carries out scientific research and organizes courses in all disciplines, except for Engineering and Architecture. It is an integral part of the community, acting for reviving urban and suburban areas, promoting cultural interaction, social integration and development, encouraging dialogue and insight into current realities.

Idéfi CréaTIC

L’idéfi CréaTIC will contribute to the project by financing the workshop-laboratory "E-education: ontology of educational resources" where the ontology and its interfaces will be developed.


The UNESCO Chair "Innovation, Transmission, Digital Publishing" (FMSH / University Paris 8, Agefa PME), directed by Professor Ghislaine AZEMARD, is dedicated to interdisciplinary research, training and experimentation on new modalities of mediation, transmission and editing by digital. She specializes in emerging media and digital humanities.

Laboratoire Paragraphe

Paragraph is an interdisciplinary research laboratory with the status of Équipe d’accueil (EA) associated to the doctoral school Cognition, Language and Interaction at Université Paris 8 and Université Cergy Pontoise. It hosts five research teams in two main fields: information and communication sciences, and psychology and ergonomics.


LIMSI, a strongly multi-disciplinarity laboratory, hosts researchers from Engineering Sciences and Computer Science, but also from Life Sciences and Social Sciences. Its scientific field covers Natural Language Processing, Human-Machine Interaction, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Fluid Mechanics, and Energetics.

Institut supérieur de la documentation de Tunis

Attached to the University of Manouba, the Higher Institute of Documentation (in french : Institut Supérieur de Documentation, ISD) is the only institution of higher education in Tunisia to provide, since 1982, academic and professional training at the national level in the field of information science and management of documents and archives. In addition to traditional courses, the ISD prepares for the new professions in the information field (Electronic Document Management, Knowledge Management, Information Monitoring, Knowledge Governance ...)


The National Center for Scientific Research, or CNRS, is a public organization founded in 1939 by governmental decree and is under the responsibility of the French Ministry of Education and Research. As the largest fundamental research organization in Europe, the CNRS carries out research in all fields of knowledge, through ten institutes in virtually all fields of knowledge.

Laboratoire Dicen-IdF

The laboratoire Dicen-IDF, (in french : Dispositifs d’information et de communication à l’ère numérique – Paris, Île-de-France) (EA 7339) is a research unit in information and communication sciences attached to three institutions: the CNAM, Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée University and Paris-Ouest Nanterre La Defense University.


Cédric (Centre d’Etudes et De Recherche en Informatique et Communications) gathers research activities in computerscience at CNAM (Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers). CEDRIC’s members belong to the school of information sciences at CNAM-Paris, and teach computer science, electronics or mathematics.


L’EA 4661 ELLIADD (Edition, Littératures, Langages, Informatique, Arts, Didactique, Discours) is a Research Unit of the University of Franche-Comté recognized by the Ministry and ranked A by the AERES for its scientific project.

De Visu

DeVisu is a research laboratory associated to the Université of Valenciennes. It is mainly focused on information and communication sciences but also collaborates with mechanical engineering, psychology, computer engineering, automation and signal processing, education sciences and French language and literature.


ISTE is an independent international publishing company based in London, with publishing interests across the science, technology and humanities sector. Since 2005, ISTE Group has published over 2,000 scientific and technical books in English and French. Our publishing programme is headed by an appointed Scientific Board of experts in various fields who oversee over 30 series.

Wiley Online Library

One of the largest and most authoritative collections of online journals, books, and research resources, covering life, health, social, and physical sciences.


The EISTI laboratory favors forward-thinking research and business-related research, with the support of companies and French organizations (ANR, OSEO etc.) It collaborates on numerous projects with businesses, universities, research organizations and engineering schools at the heart of the five centres of competitiveness: AsTech, Cap Digital, Moveo, Aero Space Valley and Systematic.

Eastgate Systems

Eastgate creates new hypertext technologies and crafts artisanal writing tools that harness the power of the link. Eastgate also publishes original hypertext fiction and nonfiction: serious, interactive writing. These outstanding hypertexts are collected in libraries and studied in universities and schools throughout the world, and have been widely discussed in the research literature

ACM In-Cooperation

ACM brings together computing educators, researchers, and professionals to inspire dialogue, share resources, and address the field’s challenges. As the world’s largest computing society, ACM strengthens the profession’s collective voice through strong leadership, promotion of the highest standards, and recognition of technical excellence.


SIGWEB is one of the Special Interest Groups of the Association for Computing Machinery. It welcomes members concerned with the World Wide Web as well as those concerned with other aspects of hypertext and hypermedia.


ACM’s International Conference Proceedings Series (ICPS)


ESISA (Ecole Supérieure d’Ingénierie en Sciences Appliquées) is a private graduate school founded in 1999 by a computer science professional (Doctor, Engineer, CEO, Sadi Carnot Prize winner). It offers a five year scientific training in computer engineering.

IoT World

Seul salon professionnel d’envergure nationale sur les IoT et les systèmes connectés, IoT World reflète ce grand mouvement de professionnalisation simultanée de l’offre et de la demande. On le voit dans les allées, tout au long des stands occupés par les acteurs majeurs du domaine, comme dans les conférences où s’échangeront témoignages clients, bonnes pratiques et débats-clés. Un salon à ne pas manquer !